Bio-Treasure Cleansing Bar

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    • Ayurveda, which means “life of science”, is an ancient system of medicine developed to achieve optimal health and beauty
    • The first Ayurvedic blend was formulated in 1940 as a solution for clear skin and its formulation has never changed ever since
    • Our Purifying Cleansing Bar contains so much oil and real Ayurvedic herbs that it has to be HANDMADE
    • Purifying Cleansing Bar contains more than 2X the amount of coconut oil and real Ayurvedic herbs compared to any other natural soap, which gently treats skin problems for ultimate clear skin!
    • Naturally Handmade With 7 Pure Ayurvedic Herbs & Coconut Oil Proven To Give You Clear Skin!
    • WILD GINGER – Enhances skin texture
    • PALMAROSA – Keeps skin moisturised
    • ORANGE – Balances oil secretion
    • LIME PEEL OIL – Deeply cleanses & removes impurities
    • CINNAMON LEAF – Removes blemishes
    • SANDALWOOD – Treats pimples
    • COCONUT OIL – Keeps skin smooth & shiny
    • PATCHOULI OIL – Promotes vibrant & healthy skin

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