Your Complete Guide to Achieving A Youthful, V-shaped Face!


Looking to set up your very own Korean 10-step skin care routine to achieve youthful, flawless skin? Look no further! Our Bio-Vlift range is formulated to help you attain that fresh-faced, dewy glow!

In our quest to help you achieve your dream V-shaped face and in combating wrinkles, we have developed two range of products — Bio-Renew and Bio-Vlift. Formulated to provide advanced anti-aging benefits, Bio-Renew helps to reinvigorate damaged skin to reveal a bright and smooth complexion. With the the added power of Black Orchids, Bio-Vlift is effective in lifting saggy skin and V-shaping your face!




Step 1 — Double Cleanse (Oil-Cleanser + Water Cleanser)

Do you know that sunblock is just like makeup and requires an oil-based cleanser to remove it? Start by massaging a gentle makeup remover such as Bio-Renew Cleansing Milk all over the face and rinse off with warm water. Remember to use cotton buds to remove residue from delicate, hard-to-reach areas like the eyelids and under eye area!

Follow up with a water-based cleanser. If you enjoy the sensation of foam particles reaching deep into your pores to remove impurities, pick the Foamy Cleanser If you prefer a cream texture, pick our Deep Cleanser instead. A water-based cleanser like this is used to remove impurities such as sweat and dirt from your pores.

Step 2 — Exfoliate

Next step is to exfoliate. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin and speed up your skin renewal process, thereby unveiling a smoother skin! Choose Bio-Renew Exfoliating Gel (Oil Control) if you have oily skin!

Step 3 — Tone

A toner helps to remove the remaining impurities and prep your skin for subsequent nourishment. Either pour a small amount and pat it on your face or use a cotton bad.

Step 4 — Boosters

Eye Treatment (14)


Crow's feet are one of the first wrinkles that appear because of how often we smile. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide good nutrients to the skin around the eyes.

Bio-Vlift Eye Lifting Essence is infused with Black Orchid and Black Lingzhi extract. Black Orchid contains flavonoids that effectively fight against free radicals, help protect the skin’s cell membrane, and strengthen skin’s barrier. Black Lingzhi is one of the most coveted herb in ancient China for longevity so you can imagine how potent this bottle of potion is!

Essences (15)


Fret not! Though it's an oil, Bio-Renew Radiant Youth Facial Oil is not greasy at all and is super absorbent. Facial oil is especially important for dry skin as dry skin is prone to wrinkling. Our facial oil is formulated from pure Green Tea Essence that provides antioxidant protection to slow down skin ageing.



Bio-VLift Mask copy



This June we've dropped our all-new Bio-Vlift Face Lifting Mask to further help you to fight against saggy skin. Our masks are designed with 3D perfect fit and hooks so that every drop of lifting essence will not go to waste. One masks = One 35ml of lifting essence. Use this mask everyday and everyone will be asking you for your beauty secret!



Bio-Renew_Wrinkle Filler Cream-Side copy



Another new kid in the block— Bio-Renew Wrinkle Filler Cream is specially formulated to fill up wrinkles and iron your creases away! Apply this cream on areas which are prone to wrinkles.

After using the wrinkle filler cream, which specifically targets wrinkles, it's time for moisturizer. We have two types of moisturizer, one made with Fermented Rice and another made with Black Orchid. You can read more by clicking the link! (13)

There you go! If you follow these steps religiously, you will definitely be glowing. Of course, you can skip some step here and there. Don't worry about feeding your skin with too much nutrients. The skin is a giant absorber and it absorbs whatever you put on it, so layer away!

Hope this handy guide can help you shave five years off your real age!


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