The Perfect Travel-Size Skincare Essentials For Your Next Getaway!



A suitable, skin-loving skincare routine can be very comforting for the soul. But if your routine consists of a variety of products, fitting them all into one suitcase can be a challenge.

Planning to travel light? We’ll share some tips on how you can downsize your skincare your travel beauty bag and streamline your skincare routine without sacrificing your #skincaregoals !


TIP 1: Carry Multi-Purpose Products

While travelling, toting your entire beauty cabinet just isn’t realistic. Multitasking products are a godsend for travellers! One way to reduce your baggage weight is to invest in products that serve more than one purpose.


eye power illuminator copy


Looking for an all-in-one moisturizing essence? We’ve got you covered! Restore your natural glowing complexion on the go with Bio-Gold Gold Water! Infused with 24K Bio-Gold, it helps regulates moisture & sebum balance, improve skin’s elasticity to prevent sagging, and plumps skin to defy fine lines to maintain youthfulness. Its 100ml packaging also makes carrying it more convenient & lightweight than most bottled essences out there!

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No amount of makeup will hide the puffiness & dark circles after long flights & exhausting itineraries? Get your quick fix with Bio-Gold Eye Power Illuminator (17g)! It conceals fine lines, helps combat dullness around the eyes & eases puffiness, so you don’t have to worry about carrying your under-eye concealer anymore!

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TIP 2: Carry Small-Sized Products

Downsizing your skincare containers & bottles is another effective method to save space. We’re talking about travel-sized products under 100ml, so you don’t have to worry about wastage and breakage to your wallet !



The Bio-White Advanced Whitening Serum (30ml) keeps your skin cool & moisturised throughout the day, while its whitening properties will leave you with a rosy complexion for that perfect holiday glow! It not only enhances skin luminosity, but also helps fight & prevent formation of dark spots.

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Regardless of where you’re heading to, sunscreen is essential. Ultraviolet rays (UV rays), the cause of sun damage and skin cancer are always present. Dr. Shilesh Iyer, M.D. a Board Certified dermatologist with the renown New York Dermatology Group, emphasised the importance of sunscreen as protection because UV rays are “ independent of cold or hot weather, and are not blocked by clouds.”

Our Bio-Water Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++ (40g) is a perfect travel-sized product formulated for dry and/or sensitive skin. Besides providing skin with high protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays, this product contains Hyaluronic Acid to intensively replenish and lock in essential moisture for hydrated and supple skin.

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TIP 3: Carry Ultra-Hydrating Products

Hot weather, harsh air conditioning & long flights can be major reasons for dry and dull skin. Not only will dry patches appear, your skin might produce more oil to combat the dryness, leading to further breakouts!




Strengthen your skin barrier and moisturise with Bio-Water Vitamin B5 Gel (30ml) ! This small bottle does wonders in terms of improving rough skin texture, repairing damaged skin and moisturizing your skin from deep within. The dropper design thoughtfully allows for extra convenience & definitely reduces chances of contamination.

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Finish off your skincare routine with our Bio-Water Moist-In Water Gel (50g)! It helps boost your skin’s ability to lock in moisture & minerals while cooling down skin’s temperature, leaving it soothed, calm & hydrated. The lightweight gel texture ensures that the product is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving behind that sticky feeling!

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Follow these 3 simple tips and you’ll never have to fret over your travel packing list again! To shop other travel essentials, click here.


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