Snail Mucin – The Superpower Skincare Ingredient That Does It All


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Snail mucin was first discovered when a beauty company observed that Chilean snail farmers has smoother, softer hands after regularly handling snails at the market. It was later found out that the slime excreted by snails has healing and regenerative properties. Since then, snail mucin has taken the beauty world by storm!





Snail Extract contains actives, such as, allantoin, collagen proteins, vitamins and natural antibacterial peptides that help to moisturize skin and improve overall skin texture. 
Our new Bio-Snail range is formulated to provide you with the miraculous healing properties of snail mucin, for smooth, healthy skin!


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Bio-Snail Repair Cleanser ($10.90)

Start your skincare routine with Bio-Snail Repair Cleanser. It's formulated with Bio-Energy Complex to enhance skin’s repairing process for clear, flawless skin. Infused with Snail Extract, this cleanser is going to help you smoothen rough skin and refine your skin texture! Best yet, there’s no tight feeling after wash!


Not only does this contains 95% Snail Extract, it is enriched with White Fungus as well. The moisturizing properties found in White Fungus also helps to keep skin moisturized and supple. Restore your skin's vitality with this serum!


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Bio-Snail Repair & Smooth Cream Ex ($39.90)

Bio-Snail Repair & Smooth Cream EX is specially formulated with Bio Energy ComplexTM and Snail Extract to help enhance skin’s repairing process and help reduce the appearance of blemished skin. Nutrients from natural herbal extracts, such as, Angelica, Wolfberry and Ginseng in the cream also helps to repair the skin, keeping it smooth and supple.



No matter your skin type or skin concerns, Bio-Snail is a great way to improve the texture and renewal process of your skin to keep it smooth and supple. Click below to enjoy 40% off our Bio-Snail Skin Repair Set this June!


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