What You Need To Know About Regaining Confidence And Living Your Passion?



Meet Joanna Ying – a young professional who was body shamed and judged for her skin woes in school. Discover her transformational journey of gaining back confidence inside and out.

School going years are some of the best times fondly remembered by many. For Joanna, however, it was not a bed of roses.She was constantly shamed for being overweight and started to question her looks, making her very self-conscious. At such a tender age, this deeply affected her emotionally, shattering her confidence.

In Ying’s words, “What others thought about me mattered to me a lot – because I let it.”

But Joanna knew she didn’t want to live her life in self-doubt. She was determined to transform, to harness these series of events into positive energy, actively making a difference to her life.

Following her passion, she went on to pursue her dream of becoming a pastry chef, putting together a fitness regime and skincare routine to transform her skin and body. She believes a healthy skin and body is the key to her confidence.

“I was constantly stressed and my skin started developing lines. Hence, I made it a point to stick to my daily skincare routine to prevent early signs of ageing”,says Ying.

After sharing her woes with her mum who has been using Bio-essence products for years, Ying came across the newly relaunched Bio-Gold range featuring the key ingredient – Bio-Energy Complex™- which helps in absorption for a lasting natural radiance from within.

If you too, would like to combat the first signs of ageing, here are the top 2 star-studded products you need from our Bio-Gold range:

  1. Bio-Gold Double Serum: Golden Serum + Golden Oil

This golden ratio lightweight water-based serum contains real 24K Bio-Gold flakes which protect the skin from damage to give a radiant glow. The Golden Oil is fast-absorbing and non-greasy, featuring anti-oxidant packed high-quality concentrated green tea essence. It gives deep nourishment for velvety-soft and smooth skin.

  1. Bio-Gold Gold Water:

Featuring the Bio-Gold flakes that fights free radicals – main culprits of skin damage – this essence water plumps up the skin to help defy fine lines and maintain skin’s youthfulness by restoring a naturally glowing complexion. It regulates moisture and sebum balance, leaving skin evenly moisturised and matte, while improving skin’s elasticity to prevent sagging and help tighten unsightly, enlarged pores.

“I transformed beautifully, just like a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly”, were Ying’s parting words to us as she broke into a dazzling smile that brimmed with new found confidence.

Bio-essence believes in the philosophy of ‘not just skin deep’. With active science powered by positive energy, our take on skincare starts from within so you ‘Transform Your Skin’ to metamorphose into a newer, better you. SHOP NOW


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