Struggling With Performance Anxiety And Stressed Out Skin – What Goes On Behind The Silver Screen.



Kimberly Wang, local television and radio personality, talks about her own share of skin woes due to performance anxiety. Find out how she overcame this and continued to shine in the limelight.

All the glitz and glamour brought by being in front of the silver screen often shrouds the daily struggles celebrities have to live by.

Host of 987FM’s radio show, Happy Ending, Kimberly Wang, started her entertainment career when she was only 9, as a theatre actor. However, there was something that would always give her the jitters – dancing in front of the camera.

On the struggle, Kimberly shares, “It’s not easy being a public figure because all eyes are always on you and contrary to popular belief, I am quite a shy girl – I have stage fright. Performance anxiety stresses me out, and when I am stressed – my skin breaks out.”

Do you grapple with stressful situations too? Here are a few go-to’s Kimberly has enjoyed after discovering the Bio-essence Bio-Gold range:

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  2. ‘Eye Power’ Only – Eye contour is the most delicate part of our face and as Kimberly quips, “eye cream is very important”. Bio-Gold Eye Power Illuminator provides optimal nourishment to help plump up and even out fine lines around the eyes, diminishing the appearance of under-eye bags due to lack of sleep – definitely most of us need due to our hectic schedules!
  3. Skin-loving Nutrients – Be it under the glaring studio lights or the blazing sun outdoors, sun protection is a must. Bio-Gold Day Cream SPF25/ PA+++ gives the best of both worlds – it provides just the right amount of anti-oxidant power to protect the skin from free radicals that result in fine lines and is infused with Bio-essence’s proprietary Bio-Energy Complex™ to boost the absorption of the precious 24K Gold ingredient.
  4. Like a Good Night’s Sleep – As much as sleep is important for the skin to repair and renew after a long day, few get the luxury of quality beauty sleep. Bio-Gold Night Cream aids skin’s rejuvenation process through the night with the same unique Bio-Energy Complex™and powerful antioxidants, so you wake up with restored radiance.

You can’t keep yourself away from stressful situations completely, so like Kimberly, who knew she couldn’t “run away from it forever”, you can decide to face it head on and harness it into positive energy that fuels you into a better and stronger you.

With lesser stress and healthy rejuvenated skin, you’ll find a major boost to your confidence too!

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