Social Media Golden Girl Speaks Up About Skin Issues – Rediscovering Radiance From Within



Samantha Goh, a travel blogger, lived and overcame her worst nightmare of skin distress. Find out how she transformed her skin and regained her confidence.

Having a good-skin-day, everyday is something most woman can only dream of. Underneath all the filters and precisely-angled lighting and camera shots, popular blogger, Samantha, shares her story of how she too, struggled with skin woes.

“With extensive travelling, it’s very important to have a routine skincare. And being a part of the beauty and lifestyle industry meant that I must always be camera ready. Therefore, I am very particular about my skin health. But that didn’t let me escape my fate of having a major skin disease. What showed up first as little boil on my thigh, soon got me a skin condition that took me many doctors and a couple of operations to heal. Still, it left me a 5-inch-long scar on my thigh.”

In an industry prized for how good you look, every day was a challenge for Samantha, but she knew that transforming her skin was in her own hands and she turned this experience into positive energy that drives her to stay radiant and glowing both on and off camera.

She found her skincare dream team with Bio-essence’s latest Bio-Gold range, infused with Bio-Energy Complex™ and real 24K Gold to form Bio-Gold which is a unique formula that transforms the skin’s ability to repair, renew and replenish itself.

Here’s 4 easy steps Samantha recommends to follow each day for radiant, glowing skin:

  1. Cleanse with Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser to instantly refresh and hydrate skin.
  2. Gently dab the Bio-Gold Eye Power Illuminator on your eye contours using your ring finger to restore smoothness, firmness and brightness.
  3. Follow up with Bio-Gold Gold Water to plump up and restore skin radiance.
  4. Massage into skin the Bio-Gold Day Cream SPF25/PA+++ before stepping out in the sun or Bio-Gold night cream before heading to bed for additional nourishment of skin-renewing nutrients.

Bio-essence uses active science for positive energy to transform your skin with the philosophy that beauty is ‘not just skin deep’. Rediscover your youthful radiance with Bio-Gold range today. SHOP NOW


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