Setting Yourself Up For Success After A Failure – Don’t Let Anything Dim Your Light.


Sharnie Lee, Executive Officer at Nanyang Business School, went through a bout of academic defeat after her ‘A’ Levels. However, she did not let that dim her light and eventually found her way back onto her feet and shone brilliantly.

“I thought my academic and career life ended even before it started because I had scored badly in my ‘A’ levels despite all the hard work. I was stressed. My physical health and my skin health suffered because of that. A lot. Gaining back confidence to navigate my way through a good university was hard. But I knew this was in my own hands,” Sharnie recounted.

Staying true to the proverb, ‘Real gold does not fear the test of fire’, Sharnie picked herself up from where she fell and started working even harder to up her studies game and at the same time, falling back on a diligent skin care regimen to truly transform herself inside and out.

Sharnie’s go-to skincare brand has always been Bio-essence and with the launch of new Bio-Gold 24k gold range with Bio-Energy Complex™, she discovered a new-found radiance harnessed by active science for positive energy.

The Bio-Gold range features a unique formula that transforms the skin’s ability to repair, renew and replenish itself. By enhancing the in-take of oxygen, it helps the skin breathe, changing cells from inactive to energised state to increase product efficacies.

The Bio-Gold Gold Water is her skincare secret to balanced and hydrated skin that gives a youthful radiance.

Tip: Gently pat on Bio-Gold Gold Water all over the face, starting from the centre, after cleansing with Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser to help product better absorb into the skin without any pulling or tugging.

Finish off with Bio-Gold Day Cream SPF25/ PA+++ or Bio-Gold Night Cream to seal in the hydration and add an additional layer of nourishing nutrients featuring the unique Bio-Energy Complex™ and antioxidants, so you stay radiant and rejuvenated all day and night.

Stay positively radiant and transform your skin with Bio-essence today. SHOP NOW


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