How To Bounce Back From Break-Up And Break-Outs?



Janice Ying tells a girl–next-door story of how her breakup broke her world apart, which soon showed up on her skin too. Discover her transformational journey of finding back the positive energy that fuels her today.

“Being with someone you love more than yourself for years, had me living in a comfort bubble. I ignored everything else, it became my world. I didn’t realise how I had shut myself out until I fell out of it. I was devastated and thought I would never recover. My skin started showing signs of stress, it was drying out with patches and break outs, which lowered my confidence even more,” shared Janice.

Life is never smooth sailing and you never know when the unexpected would hit you. However, what you do have control over is how you react to the situation and instead focus on simple things that you overlooked. To start appreciating the positivity around you and start doing things that you love.

For Janice, finding the right skincare routine helped her slowly transform her skin and regain her confidence as she discovered the world she had missed. She currently enjoys her Bio-Bounce routine which encompasses:

  1. Cleansing with Bio-Bounce Collagen Cleanser– a nourishing formula with Bird’s Nest Extract and Hydrolysed Collagen to keep skin moisturised and bouncy, without any tightness on the skin.
  2. Boosting hydration with Bio-Bounce Collagen Essence-It boosts delivery and absorption of nourishment and collagen to skin and keeps it hydrated and supple. Simply massage onto face and neck in circular motions until fully absorbed.
  3. Sealing in moisture with Bio-Bounce Collagen Cream-With a soft creamy texture, this cream provides rich nourishment to the skin. This formula is also further enhanced with collagen-rich Essence Capsules, to replenish and keep skin’s bouncy touch.

There is nothing too tough for you to bounce back from as long as you make the decision to do so. As Janice aptly puts it, “Once I started loving myself, the world smiled at me”.

Transform your skin and transform yourself with Bio-essence, which uses active science to harness the positive energy you need to banish negativity from inside and out. SHOP NOW.


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