How Often Should You Be Masking?



In today’s day and age when one is struggling to keep up with the daily grind, a spa day is a rare luxury. So, what do you instead for some self-care? We say, mask! Packed with problem-solving ingredients that promise healthier skin in just minutes, face masks are the new skincare addictions.

But what is it that makes them all the rage?

For centuries, face masks have been an important part of the skincare regime. From Cleopatra’s clay, dead sea mud, and egg white masks, to Haldi Ubtans from ancient Ayurveda; masks have been used in the quest for better skin from a long time ago.  
With a boom in their usage over the past few years, face masks now cater to target specific problems and skin types. From anti-ageing, reducing dark spots, fighting acne or deep cleansing, you can easily find one to suit your needs.



Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City was quoted in Allure saying, "Masks can offer you an intense, immediate fix for your skin. For example, if the skin is feeling extra dry or extra oily, using a mask can give an immediate benefit." Not only does it give a quick gratifying boost to your skin, it also gives you that time to shut the world out, unwind and rejuvenate, which now brings us to a very key question.

How often should you mask?

The frequency of masking depends a lot on the ingredients and your requirements. We break it down for you, according to your skin type.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you should be picky about the masks you use. Ones that help remove blackheads and reduce pores can dry out your skin even more. Opt for masks that are hydrating, soothing and provide more moisture. Just like a power packed moisturizer, a daily mask can boost your skin’s hydration level.

Confused about which one to pick? The Bio-Treasure Skin Water-full Mask is infused with Bio-Energy Complex™ and Jeju Marine Algae to provide skin with ample nutrients for effective skin renewal and hydration. Enriched with Aloe-Vera extract, it has the ability to lock in moisture and keep skin moist.


Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you are more prone to acne and breakouts that any other skin type, which is why it is important to use a mask that helps unclog your pores and rid your skin from oil and dirt. You also need to beat the popular misconception that oil = moisture.  Having oily skin does not mean that you can skip moisturizing it. It’s very easy for your skin to get dehydrated with all harsh ingredients that are used to control oil. So, a hydrating mask is also extremely important. When it comes to the frequency of masking, don’t do it more than twice a week. Frequent use can saturate your skin, and actually end up blocking your pores.


sleeping mask

Try the Bio-Hydra Aqua Sleeping Mask for that healthy dose of moisture and hydration. Get it here.


Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, it is essential you pick out a mask that doesn’t stress it. Choose one with antioxidants in order to soothe your skin, and mask not more than once or twice a week.



The Bio-Treasure Skin Soothing Mask contains the soothing properties of Imperial Peony and Bio-Energy Complex™  that strengthen the skin’s barrier. Further enriched with Camomile Extract, Gotu Kola and Allantoin, this mask is very moisturizing and helps to rejuvenate skin.

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Skin with Dullness and Dark Spots

If you have skin with dullness or pigmentation, pick a mask that is high on Vitamin C. It will help instantly brighten up your skin, promote skin clarity and will leave you looking radiant.




We’ve got you just the mask you need. The Bio-Treasure Skin Brighten-Up Mask, infused with Bio-Energy Complex™ and Japanese Yuzu that is rich in Vitamin C, helps brighten skin for a healthy glow. Add to that its Vitamin B3, Mulberry Extract and Pearl Extract formulation and you’ve got yourself your very own warrior to fight dark pigmentation.

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Mature Skin

With time skin begins to lose its elasticity, causing dullness and an uneven skin tone. Look out for a mask that contains nourishing ingredients to fight free radicals, collagen to keep skin firm and Hyaluronic Acid to give it enough moisture. Pick a night mask so that you can reap benefits while you sleep.




Try the Bio-Bounce Collagen Night Mask that replenishes the collagen in your skin for supple, and as the name suggests, bouncy skin the next morning. Packed with Birds Nest Extract, Arbutin, Whitening Peptides, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, it helps nourish your skin in multiple ways.

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Now that you’ve got all the information on masking, here’s one last tip. Make sure you prep your skin before using a mask. Cleanse your skin before, and use a toner if need be. Follow the steps mentioned on the pack and only keep it on for the time mentioned on the packaging. 

So, kick back with a relaxing mask, sip a cup of tea and give yourself an at-home spa experience. Shop our Masks here.



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