A Guide To Prepping Your Skin For This CNY



It’s the time of the year where people rush to book their facial and manicure sessions before the price hike during the Lunar New Year period. To top things off, keeping your skin in mint condition to match that perfect hairstyle & cute outfit you’ve painfully picked out should also be regarded as one of your current top priorities.

To help you out, here’s 3 beauty buys that you can consider to get started on your beauty prep for this Lunar New Year:


1. Radiate From Within With Bio-Gold 24K Gold Creams



An eye-catching outfit is not enough to steal the limelight during visiting if your skin looks dull and lifeless. Perk it up like the ancient royalties once did with real 24K Gold flakes in your daily moisturizing routine! The unique combination of our Bio-Energy Complex™ with 24K Gold forms 24K Bio-Gold, which facilitates quicker absorption of products into the skin more effectively for a longer lasting natural radiance from within.

For the weeks leading up to CNY, why not indulge your skin with our Bio-Gold Creams? Apply the Bio-Gold Night Cream religiously every night to intensively nourish & moisturize your face and neck. Switch to the Bio-Gold Day Cream in the day for additional SPF 25/PA +++ so you don’t have to apply sunblock thereafter!

Get your Radiant Skin starter kit early here.


2. Slimmer Face, Firmer Skin & Youthful-Looking You with Bio-VLift



Even if you didn’t manage to lose those targeted few pounds, having a more defined jawline creates the illusion of a slimmer face. Try our Bio-VLift Face Lifting Creams to give you that 2-in-1 effect for a moisturized face & firmer skin! Available in 2 variants, Extra Lift + Nourishing & Extra-Lift + Brightening, choose the most suitable cream for your skin this upcoming CNY!

Click here to read more about how to use the Bio-VLift Face Lifting Creams for maximum effectiveness.  


3. Up Your Rosy Complexion Game With Bio-White

BE_Bio White_whitening tone up cream


If you’re concerned about your dull and lifeless skin, brightening up your skin tone using Bio-White Advanced Whitening Tone Up Cream helps too! Apply it on your face and neck as the last step of your morning skincare routine, or before your foundation to brighten & even out your skin tone. Tone Up Cream acts as an “in-between” product between skincare & foundation, which also offers a great last-minute solution for girls who are clueless about makeup.

Lunar New Year is a time for reunion and we definitely want to impress those relatives and friends we might see only once a year. So, get your hands on these 3 best CNY beauty buys to put your best face forward! SHOP NOW. 

Bio-essence Singapore wishes you and your family a happy Lunar New Year!



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